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🎉 Celebrate Labor Day with an Adorable 3-Month-Old ! 🎉

Mini-Goldendoodle Labor Day Raffle!

We are thrilled to announce a special raffle promo to celebrate Labor Day on September 4th, 2023. Get ready for a chance to win an incredibly cute and playful 3-Month-Old - Dakota!

🐶 Meet Our Precious Prize: Dakota! 🐶


AKC Registered| DOB: 02.09.23| Vaccinated| Microchipped| 1-yr Health Guarantee

Our star prize is a delightful 3-Month-Old with a charming personality and a bundle of energy! This adorable pup is sure to melt your heart with his affectionate nature and wagging tail. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or looking to bring home your first furry friend, this sweet will make the perfect addition to your family.

🎟️ How to Participate 🎟️

Participating in the Labor Day Raffle Promo is easy and exciting! Follow these simple steps to enter for a chance to win the 3-Month-Old :

  1. Purchase Raffle Tickets: Raffle tickets will be available for purchase, online through our website, and even on the day of the event up to 1-hour before the event starts. Each ticket will cost $50, and there's no limit to the number of tickets you can buy.

  2. Stay Tuned on Social Media: Keep an eye on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok all @Mini-Goldendoodle) for updates on the raffle, winner announcements, and cute photos of our furry friends.

  3. Join Us on September 4th, 2023: The raffle draw will take place at 10 pm CST on Labor Day, September 4th, 2023. Join us on TikTok for the live drawing and to witness the joy of the lucky winner. TikTok page: https://www.tiktok.com/@Mini-Goldendoodle?

  4. Spread the Love: Share the news of our Labor Day Raffle Promo with your family, friends, and fellow dog enthusiasts. Let's make this event a heartwarming celebration of the love and joy that dogs bring into our lives.

🏆 The Grand Prize Winner 🏆

At the live drawing event, one lucky participant will be chosen as the grand prize winner. The winner will be presented with the 3-Month-Old and will receive a special gift bag filled with puppy essentials to ensure a smooth and loving transition for the newest member of their family.

🐾 Terms and Conditions 🐾

  1. The Labor Day Raffle Promo will run from July 20th to September 4th, at 9 pm CST. All entries must be received before the raffle draw on September 4th, 2023.

  2. The winner must be of legal age to own a pet and comply with local pet ownership regulations.

  3. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product.

  4. Our team will ensure that the puppy is in excellent health and has received all necessary vaccinations before handing it over to the winner.

  5. The winner will be responsible for puppy pickup in Dallas, TX, or any transportation fees associated with bringing the puppy home.

  6. By participating in the raffle, all entrants agree to be featured in promotional material related to the event.

🐾 Celebrate Labor Day with Us! 🐾

Join us in celebrating the unconditional love and loyalty that our furry friends shower us with every day. Let's come together to make this Labor Day unforgettable by finding a loving home for our adorable . Purchase your raffle tickets and be part of this heartwarming event!

For updates and more information, visit our website www.Mini-Goldendoodle.com, or follow us on social media @Mini-Goldendoodle.

🐾 Wagging Tails and Happy Hearts Await! 🐾


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